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Souly Damned


About the Project

What is SD (Souly Damned)? Every creative has a passion project that they work on behind the scenes for months or even years. SD is mine. It is an entirely unique universe brimming with rich world-building, intriguing in-depth lore, rich character relationships, and engaging stories waiting to be told. SD is a world where Hell is not all fire and brimstone as mortals perceive, but rather a bustling ecosystem with different biomes, cultures, and social structures. Sinners go there after death, but the Hellborn Infernals live their everyday lives here. The Collective world has been established and plotted now what stories await to be explored for those denizens of the Infernal. Character Designs and Novelizations are in the works, so be sure to check back regularly or Follow Kryptsune’s social media for more SOULY DAMNED.


It's one of those nights , In the unending metropolis of this city, where the neon lights flicker like the promises of a two-timing dame. The rain slicks the streets, reflecting the sordid underbelly of this concrete jungle, where corruption runs deeper than the scars on a boxing prizefighter's face. This city has a heartbeat, but it beats irregularly, like the ticking of a time bomb waiting to explode. And I, just another cog in the machine, am trying to make sense of the madness gripping every alley and every shadow. Some would say that those who live here are lost, doomed to wander the hardened streets in chaos. Sure, it might seem nice, but every denizen knows this place belongs to the mafiosos. The whispers of the streets speak of something darker, something more sinister than the usual back-alley deals and crooked cops on the take. There is a tension in the air, thick as the smoke in a speakeasy, and I can feel it crawling under my skin like a rat in a sewer. People are disappearing without a trace, leaving behind nothing but unanswered questions and shattered lives. And in a city where everyone has a price, finding the truth means wading through a swamp of deceit and betrayal. But I'm no stranger to the darkness. I've danced with the devil more times than I care to count, and I have the scars to prove it. Because in this city, you either play the game or you get played. And me? I'm not about to let anyone pull the wool over my eyes, not when there's justice to be served and mysteries to unravel. 

Or so begins, Souly Damned: The Crimson String, a 1920's Noir Thriller following Incognito Private Investigator, Eve Rodgers. Who is determined to free this town from the Mafiosos that run it's underbelly. However, her suspicions are proven to run much much deeper than anticipated when she gets in good with the Keswick Brothers. Leaders of the largest crime ring in the city, whose aspirations are not ones of mortal gain, but of avoiding Infernal Punishment.




Krytpsune is the creator of Souly Damned a multifaceted world created through various mediums such as roleplay, various novels in development, and community engagement. It explores a side of  "damnation" not explored before and a "Hell" unlike the writings of fire and brimstone. [Current SD server status: Alpha Testing]

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