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💙I really appreciate the support and kindness! The current commissions that are open can be found on my Trello page. This is where I keep commissioners up to date with progress in addition to personal updates via whatever communication methods are available.  >>> TRELLO <<<

Business Contact: 




Will Draw:

OCs, Fluff, Furry, Suggestive, Dark Themes/ Blood and Gore, Other fandoms that I am familiar with (just ask!)



NSFW, Fetish Stuff, IRL People, Hate, Political content.

*Truth be told I love a challenge so I am not going to add a lot to this list but keep in mind it may take more time since it may be out of my comfort zone. The best way to know is by messaging me!




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What programs do you use?
Clip Studio + Photoshop

How do you choose your prices?
Time + effort + education + quality
I have spent a lot of time practicing my craft for over a decade as well as extensive education in design.

Do you do ___?
Ask me! I'm always open to ideas and I'll let you know what I'm capable of :)

Why are you taking so long on my commission?
 I am a streamer and content creator and work multiple jobs.
I'm mostly slow because I like taking care of details. Another reason could be that I might have other commissions before yours, check my
 Trello, it is always being updated

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