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Project Diary

Mr. Kitty Plush Prototyping


Mr. Kitty Prototype


Mr. Kitty, like Mr. Birdy, is a simplified representation of Valentine's familiar form. He is known for his rambunctious and carefree nature. Even though he is one of the Princes of the Infernal Realm he does not tend to flaunt his status. This cuddly little kitty is an obvious choice for a plush friend. 

Just be sure to give him plenty of affection this little guy is a lover and will do anything to curl up with those he cares about. Kit has a more crude version of him along with Mr. Birdy.


Mr. Kitty

Hell Cats are not exactly what mortals perceive them to be. They are generally seen as giant hulking flaming beasts, however, they are not always this way. In fact, they tend to look like normal cats that have some external demon-like features. Anything from flaming tails, horns, and wings to name some more common attributes. 

Val's design relies heavily on his markings and distinct lavender coloration. I wanted his plush design to convey his gremlin but also cuddly nature. A long tail that you can fluff and play with and a mischievous little tongue blep. His wings have been scaled down significantly and I wanted to give him a little heart nose and ruby button eyes.

This plush in particular is probably the most complicated of the 4 when it comes to patterns and markings. Only time will tell how this little fluff ball will turn out. 

Phase 1

This particular set of images are technically the secondary prototype. I switched manufacters due to product quality issues. This one was a signifigant improvement from its predecessor. There are some adjustments that are needed such as the cut out in the ear, the hair type still needs some work, and proportional changes. All in all I was very happy with this prototype so much so I am not even going to bother sharing the very first because the quality speaks for itself. 

Phase 2

Phase 2 was simply more of the same. I do work to layout every single manufacturing detail within my specs but sometimes they fix one detail only to omit one they did previously. There are still proportional issues that need adressing with this version but it is heading in the right direction in regard to its completed prototype stage. 

[Note: This would prove to be a challenge as further protoypes failed to translate correctly.]

Phase 3

Phase 3 or what I like to call, "well time to pivot". Sometimes you come up with a visually appealing design on paper but the translation is not quite what is expected. This can be a limitation of a 3D form but I find it appears frequelty when working with manufacterers. It is not that the design in question can't be produced but rather there is a lack of creative thinking when in context with plush limitations. With this in mind I have since altered my original spec sheet to craft the one to the left of this diary. Here is to phase 4. 

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