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Minor Scale

Game Production and Distribution

Minor Scale: The Critter Crescendo

There is no better way to apply years of knowledge than with a project that embodies the realities of your chosen field. Instead of simply taking another set of courses the goal was to create an entirely developed game of our choosing within a year's time as a team. This project required extensive knowledge of the game industry pipeline, coordination with fellow developers on the team, and the eventual learning curve of publishing and distribution. As a producer my responsibilities ranged from setting up meetings to handling all the business and financial dealings. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as art director as well shaping the overall visual presentation of the final product being a mix of 2D assets combined with 3D environments. It had an emphasis on a Paper Mario and cut out style of games. What made the project unique was its combination of rhythm game and tower defense. Below is a list that comprised my responsibilities for the run of this project.


  • Team coordination

  • Art Direction 

  • Branding Direction

  • Game Distribution and publishing

  • Financial management

  • Website management 

  • Presentation

  • Pitching

  • Marketing

  • Team mediation

  • Stand up coordinator

  • Scheduling

  • Research

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