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Entertainment Crew Member

Costumes - Frozen - Coco


The Walt Disney Company known for delighting families and sparking the imaginations of millions was my first professional entertainment job. I had the opportunity to work for them after my Disney College Program Internship. What astounded me was the statistics to be accepted into this program. Out of 50,000 applicants I was selected and out of that pool I was one of the 4 selected to work within the Entertainment portion of the company. Sadly this opportunity has since been removed from the College Program, however, I am overjoyed I was able to have that experience. As such the two main areas that I worked were Fantasy Faire, Frozen at the Hyperion Theatre, Disneyland Proper, and California Adventure Proper. In addition I ran the Coco Stage show alone for nearly the entire run of the show that year. Below are some of the various responsibilities associated with these jobs. 


  • Set up / Run / strike of show

  • Costume stock management

  • Talent dressing assistance

  • Stage management 

  • Multi tasking with show and performer responsibilities 

  • Theatrical coordination with cast and crew

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