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Your familiar friend Mr. Birdy is here to lend you his charm. 

🎨: EvokStudios


Please support the artist behind this adorable piece of artwork.

Mr. Birdy Hype

  • This adorable artwork can be found on various different products. Below is a list of product types as well as info about each individual offering. Use the drop-down menu to see associated product images.

    1. Gold Edged Acrylic Keychain 

    • Double-sided with the same image per side
    • Epoxy coated for protection and durability 
    • 3 in. 
    • Comes with a gold lobster claw clasp

    2. Shaped Pillow 

    • 14 X 14 in. 
    • 2 Way Tricot with a cool feel 
    • Comes with a pillow core

    3. Hot Gold Foil Sticker (3in.)

    4. Brushed Gold Sticker (2.5in.)

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